Building a new paradigm requires great people working together in powerful ways.

We're a small team of experienced technologists and creative thinkers who believe through working smart, we can positively impact the food system. As of 2014, our team has tranisitioned from a physical office to collaborating digitally from the corners of the globe that make the most sense, both personally and professionally. Our customers are global, and so are we.
Excited by what we do? Collaborate with us on GitHub, let's see where it leads.
Team Will
Will Lau
Geek, Engineer, Designer, Investor and woolly multiple hat wearer, Will accidentally started Bucky Box after helping friends bootstrap a grassroots food hub. An experienced entrepreneur, Will loves all things beginning with S... Surf, Sail, Startups, and Social Enterprise.
Team Cedric
Cédric Félizard
Co-founding Bucky from the land of wine and cheese, Cédric loves crafting zeros and ones while nomading any country that's interesting between the Antipodes and Timbuktu. He brings to Bucky a wealth of prior startup experience as well as the odd baguette.
Team Anthony
Anthony Cabraal
With ancestry from the fabled island of Serendib, Ants is a prolific borger and part-time drummer. With his background in creative agencies, Ants fills the seat of talent scout and adds marketing know-how to the Bucky way.
Team Joshua
Joshua Vial
JV, founder of Enspiral, completed a 6 month tour of duty building Bucky Box in her formative first year and now sits on the board. Programmer by training and change-maker by vocation, when he's not casting his reality distortion field for a brighter future, Josh goes wild on taiko drums like Animal Muppet.