Powering Local Food

I Web Store

Web Store

Your customers place single or standing orders through an easy to set up web store.

I Customer Database

Customer Database

Each of your customers can track their account balance, status and entire history through the customer database.

I Loop
I Payments


All manner of payment methods are available, and each payment is reconciled with the customer's account.

I Deliveries


Deliveries and pickups are scheduled, packing lists are generated, and deliveries are reconciled.

Saving your time

2 days

I Time Savings

2 hours

Bucky Box

A typical food delivery business can spend up to 2 days per week on customer support and business administration. With Bucky Box automating the most common tasks, we can get this down to 2 hours per week.

Who uses Bucky Box?

Bucky Box works best for food enterprises selling by recurring subscription directly to customers.

Community Supported Agriculture
Veg Box Schemes
Recipe Food Bag Schemes
Lunch Deliveries
Artisan Bakers
Food Co-op

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